I started cycling in 2005. I immediately solved a licence (at the beginning with the juniors) to
wear myself out in the competitions. Since that time there were more or less bicycle intensive
years. In the coming season (actually 25 years, born in 1988) I would like to increase my
achievement on the wheel and I‘m motivated for the upcoming races.

It is important to me, like most of us, to integrate the training in my job (mechanical
engineering). But it is feasible with a certain time management. I live at Friedrichshafen at
the lake of Constance and so I’ll deny the MTB competitions in South Germany, Austria and
Switzerland with priority. From time to time I’ll certainly start in Central Germany.
My favorites are medium length MTB marathons and Cross Country races.

achievements: 1st place Erzgebirgs Bike Marathon Seiffen (2008, 40km)
1st place 24h-MTB-Rennen Chemnitz (2012, 8er Team)
1st place Torgauer MTB Rennen (2011, 40km)
1st place Frauensteiner 2h-MTB-Rennen (2009, 2010)
1st place Oberlausitzer MTB-Marathon Jonsdorf (2010, single and Team 50km)
1st place “Hase und Igel“-Rennen (2011)
1st place 2er Teammarathon Holzhau (2008, 4h)
1 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd place Mad East Challenge Mini-Marathon (2008, 2010, 2012)
3rd place Dreitalsperren Marathon Eibenstock (2011, 50km)
3rd place MTB-Challenge Illmensee (2012)
3rd place Bike Marathon Biesenrode (2010, 51km)
team: r2-bike.com MTB RACING (BDR MTB Team national )