After retiring 1995 it took a long time, til he raced a mtb again. At the time in mid 90´s he was competing in the junior category. Having dreamt of a career maybe even in prorankings there haven´t been the necessary results sticking further to that plan. But in 2006 he fell in love with biking again and this time it seems to stay that way.

achievments: 2nd Bike TransAlp 2013 (Mixed, mit Kerstin Brachtendorf)
6th Bike TransAlp 2012 (Mixed, mit Agnes Naumann)
7th Bike TransAlp 2011 (Mixed, mit Agnes Naumann)
1st MTB Neuseen-Cup 2011 (Kurzstrecke)
10th Bike TransAlp 2010 (Mixed, mit Jana Süß)
team: MTB RACING (BDR MTB Team national)