MTB 3 Täler Marathon Titmaringhausen with German University Championship – 70km / 1700hm

To collect some more race practise I made an excursion to the marathon distance, organised by USZ of the TU Dresden i found a „roundaboutcarelesspackage“ and 2:48 h of suffering. In the long uphills I was able to ride very constantly as result of geometry optimization for a better bike-rider-position and without any back pain. In the downhills I was able to push hard, so I closed some gaps and was able to open some to my presecutors. No one shared my rythem so I rode 75% of the race allone, everytime on my limit to get the hardness in preparation of the seasonfinal – In the end P3 overall | P2 agegroup | P2 German University Championship MTB Marathon.

Next week last test in the Czech Republic for XCO before the Bundesliga races.

Ride on // Leo

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